Prayers for Fellow Blogger JP of

SMS from JP
SMS from JP

I received a bad news this morning. Fellow blogger JP / Pepi of got shot by a robber in a holdup incident. Currently, he still got the bullet in his back about 2cm deep. Although he is now stable at Lourdes Hospital in Manila, he is in need of your prayers.

JP of
JP of

The images provided are his SMS to me this morning asking for your prayers. I got to know JP only recently when he joined my anniversary writing contest “Why Travel.” He was awarded third place for his travel-themed article and got a USB thumbdrive. The first time I met him in person was when he came to’s Thanksgiving Party last month where I gave him his prize.

He is also recently active in the community having attended Wordcamp Philippines 2010 and set up his Facebook page 3 days ago.

Although the Christmas season is a time of many cheers, happiness, and parties let us also take extra care in public as goons and criminals are also at a prowl.


These are all the details I got as of the moment as I do not want to disturb him much in his recuperation as well. Hopefully, the bullet will be removed from his back soon as the doctors are still studying how to go about the operation of taking it out. You may address him your well wishes at his blog or FB page (links above), perhaps.

Our prayers are with you JP and may you be healed soon. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Prayers for Fellow Blogger JP of

  1. *shocked* I met him (more like saw lang talaga) once pero ka-plurk ko sya so this news terribly shocked me.

    I just prayed for JP and will continue to include him in my prayers. Sana, makarma yung gumawa sa kanya nyan. Pero most importantly, sana makarecover completely si JP.

  2. thanks sa prayers guys.. am ok now.. dito na sa bahay.. still got my bullet at my back pero ayos lang naman.

    no plans of taking the bullet out pa.. dyan daw muna siya til maging ok na ang mga wounds external and internal.

    again salamat sa lahat ng prayers.

    thanks din jonel for blogging. thanks for liking my fanpage.

  3. pray less do more, we are living in the 20th century and you guys keep on thinking that praying does help a lot stop dreaming we destroyed and fucked up this world thats why people get shot! Got it now? just get up instead and start something new! What about family planing or using condoms? burn catholic churches and spend the money for hospitals and good stuff you guys are still under the spell of this damn fuckig abusing catholic church!!!! WAKE UP!

  4. @almost – point taken. Let’s just respect each others opinion on believing in prayers as much as those who do respect those who don’t.

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