Brand Pilipinas is Our Brand!

As a colonized country for hundreds of years, we Filipinos has retained most of our colonial mentality usually preferring foreign products and brands.

But that is slowly changing. And Brand Pilipinas is just one of the straws in this growing bundle of nationalism.

Brand Pilipinas is Our Brand

As Filipinos realize the need for a stronger foundation of self identity and waking up to the fact that no one else will really uplift our nation, but ourselves.

Brand Pilipinas
Brand Pilipinas Luanched


For many decades now, Filipinos have excelled in different fields such as entertainment, service, skills, and product quality, most specially outside the country.

Sadly, the world have acknowledged us more than ourselves.

It’s time to turn the tables. It’s time to patronize our own outstanding local products.

We’re not saying that you dump your favorite foreign brands like hot potatoes. We’re asking you to give our own products a chance, and you might just get pleasantly surprised.

Brand Pilipinas 2018
Brand Pilipinas 2018
Amor Maclang
Ms. Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang

Brand Pilipinas is About Us

In a recent launch at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City, top Filipino brands and organizations have come together for this movement that hopes to propel the single most important brand for all Filipinos— #BrandPilipinas.

It gathered more than a hundred top local brands who signed up to be partners in this advocacy which aims to valorize local brands – locally made products and our homegrown artisans.

The full day event featured inspiring talks on the following, among others:

  • Why Local B2B Brands are Slaying It
  • The Search for Origins – The Quest for Relevance in Food, Emerging Social Enterprises,
  • Local is the New Premium Brand Pilipinas
  • Why the Philippines is Poised to be the Next Tech Hub

The challenge for most Filipino brands is how to conquer that long-standing perception among that products made in the Philippines are sub-par. It’s time we had a paradigm-shift because this kind of mentality not only hurts local businesses, but the economic reputation of the Philippines as a whole,” Brad Geiser, co-convenor of the Brand Pilipinas movement said.

Robin Padilla
Robin Padilla, Brand Pililpinas Movement Co-Convenor & Actor

Apart from local brands, the movement also saw the participation of individuals and private businesses from various industries.

In particular, celebrity Robin Padilla gave an endearing speech during the Opening Plenary portion of the program. He pointed out that the time is ripe for Filipinos to uplift themselves and not wait for foreigners to be the one to uplift and say good thing about us Filipinos (just like what foreigner guests who spoke before him did).

Ngayon ang oras para ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang ating dangal bilang Pilipino. Matapang, magaling, malikhain, mapagmahal sa bayan. Yan ang tatak ng tunay na Pilipino na kinakatawan ng Brand Pilipinas,” shared Brand Pililpinas Movement Co-Convenor actor  and Founder of Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation Robin Padilla

Watch this short video clip of his speech:

Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation
Mr. Robin Padilla, Founder of Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation

Moreover, founder of Brown & Proud Movement David Lim stressed that it is high time for Filipino brands to take center stage.

Be brown and proud! Let’s show our love for local products by supporting local enterprises,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, United Neon Advertising COO Freddie Arlantico also points out: “We are a country that’s richly blessed with the best resources — our people. Put together the Filipinos’ creativity, skills, innovative ideas with the new technologies that are easily accessible by everyone and you have a formula for global excellence.

Brand Pilipinas hopes the movement will influence Filipinos to adopt a “Filipino-first” mentality by choosing homegrown brands over the more popular and highly-commercial international brands.

Mabuhay Restop
Among the exhibitors in the venue are Mabuhay Restop
Human Nature
Proudly Pinoy Human Nature Products


Heallthy GuLyf

We want Brand Pilipinas to be the brand we wear, the brand we eat, the brand we use, the brand of which we could all be proud of,” Group of Five Creative Concepts Founder and CEO George Royeca, saying the movement hopes to see this vision become a reality very soon.

Kasama Ka‘ sa Brand Pilipinas

Guests were also treated to local performances from Dulaang UP and Pilipinas Got Talent star Jade Riccio. The event also featured a fashion show by noted Filipino weave designer Joseph Aloysius Montelibano, a perfect tribute to our Filipino artists.

The Brand Pilipinas Conference is organized and supported by the following partners: Brown & Proud Movement, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Group of Five Creative Concepts, IPG Mediabrands, Liwanag ng Kapayaan Foundation, Robin Padilla, United Neon Advertising, and Vidanes Celebrity Management.

ASAM, connecting businesses and communities
Brand Pilipinas
Brand Pilipinas

Another key message the movement aims is to encourage all Filipinos to chip-in their ideas and efforts, no matter how small, into the advocacy and consistently remind our collegues and fellow Filipinos on the need for this long-term effort.

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Congratulations to the organizers and the brains behind Brand Pilipinas, may you further this advocacy for us, by us, Filipinos!

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