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Revisiting Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of first-comer-coffee-shops in the Philippines during its industry boom which started in the late 90′s. Together with Starbucks, it was one of the brands which enjoyed immediate name recall. It seemed however,

Let’s Go Sago! Top 5 Travel Posers Contest

Presenting to you, Let’s Go Sago!’s Top 5 Travel Posers for 2007 (in alphabetical order by photo location).

Magpa-Baconator ka naman! Baconator! Baconator!

Hmmm…something’s wrong with the title…this is from Wendy’s! =)

Super Bowl of China’s Crispy Mandarin Chicken Chef’s Demo

Super Bowl of China, in cooperation with Yehey!, opened its kitchen doors to guests yesterday. Marketing Manager Roberto Vallar welcomed the visitors to a cooking demo by their top chefs. Led by Chef Roy and Chef Mike,

Cebu On A Plate
(Seeing Cebu Travelogue Series 3)

One of the activities Sago and this food blogger won’t miss in this trip to Cebu is the food adventure. I’ve always preferred to eat the local dishes of the place I visit and shun away from

Food Foto Fiesta: Clear Black Night Halloween Party Menu

The Clear Black Night Halloween Party was recently held at Taste Asia, Mall of Asia last Oct. 31, 2008. But this post is not about the event, it is about the food served that night. The menu

Forrest Gump Visits Bubba Gump Trinoma

Forrest Gump crashed into Bubba Gump Trinoma’s first year anniversary launch last October 21, 2008. He came in his trademark get up of classic white suit, Nike shoes and the ever reliable suit case of personal stuff.

Renè Barbier Wine Appreciation Night