My Chowking Congee Photo Entry

Having less than 30 hrs before the contest deadline and the Philippines Blog Awards set for tomorrow, I don’t have time to look for models (excuses!). The picture on the left side is one of my entries to the “Chowking Shot at a Laptop” congee photo contest.

Sago is taking a break for the mean time, the contest mechanics require human beings. =) Four more of the entries are the following.

6 thoughts on “My Chowking Congee Photo Entry

  1. @Andrei –
    yes, I was able to access and upload at their site the evening of Sept 20 around 9pm, …at least I believed so.

    I am having worries now since I still don’t see my pictures in the gallery of entries. Nonetheless I have emailed Chowking about the matter and hoping for a reply.

    Wag naman sana masayang ang in-effort ko di ba just because of a probable technical glith. =)

  2. @abou – tnx too!
    @Az – actually my concept there is parang susubuan ako ng maraming spoon sabay-sabay….pero hindi ko magawa completely ung effect….i had to settle for ‘gusto nila maki-sandok’ sa congee ko =)

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