Anne Curtis on Traveling Across Europe & The Philippines

Anne Curtis with Sago
Anne Curtis with 'Sago'

Anne Curtis is the latest endorser of Greenwich’s Lasagna Supreme. In a recent press conference, Sago got the chance to ask Anne Curtis about her recent vacation across Europe and some of her personal favorite Philippine travel spots.


Anne talks about her recent trip across Europe and places she have visited here in the Philippines. The video is a little less than 3-minutes which she ended with her dream Philippine destinations.

The European Tour

With her non-showbiz friends, Anne toured Europe as part of her month-long vacation from the limelight. They went to Spain and its different cities including Madrid and Barcelona. They found it a little too challenging to communicate since most of the towns they visited don’t speak the English language.

Anne Curtis On Greenwich Winning Moments
Anne Curtis On Greenwich Winning Moments

This was followed by Czech Republic‘s capital – Prague.

In Italy, they visited Rome, Venice, Milano, and Florence. The next two European countries they traveled to is France where they toured Paris and Netherland‘s Amsterdam.

Anne Curtis on her Europe Tour
Anne Curtis' Europe Tour

Anne Curtis is purportedly an admirer of antiquity and cultural sites. She mentioned expressing elation and ardor in seeing old towns and old cathedrals.

She admits to touching the old walls and churches’ enchanting doors with her bare hands imagining how it would’ve felt being in the 17th century. 🙂

Anne Curtis on Philippine Travels
Anne Curtis on Philippine Travels

On The Philippines

When asked about her favorite travel destination in the Philippines, Anne Curtis readily acknowledged El Nido in Palawan to be her best-loved Philippine tourist spot.

Anne Curtis loves El Nido and wants to go to Sagada & Amanpulo
Anne Curtis loves El Nido and wants to go to Sagada & Amanpulo

On the other hand Sagada and Amanpulo are her top 2 places she would like to visit for the first time.

According to her, Sagada seems quite far for a regular road trip while accommodations and cost in Amanpulo can be quite high.

I couldn’t really say much about Amanpulo, for Sago and I haven’t been there. But Sagada is just like going to Baguio, plus a little more effort. It only takes a bus ride passing through a part of the Banawe Rice Terraces and Bontoc.

Another option is passing through Baguio, Banaue Rice Terraces, and finally Sagada. Perhaps she can join one of our future trips to Sagada and we can take care of her itinerary for maximized travel opportunities. 🙂

Anne Curtis & Greenwichs Lasagna Supreme
Anne Curtis & Greenwich's Lasagna Supreme

That basically summarizes Anne Curtis‘ article version of her video interview.

* Last photo courtesy of Greenwich and used with permission.

Latest Update: Although she had her house robbed a few weeks ago and got into a vehicular mishap recently, we were told that she is in good condition now. We wish her well to full recovery. We wish Anne Curtis more enjoyable travels in the Philippines and abroad.

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