Guess My Time Contest: The 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge

Guess My Time!
Guess My Time!

Sometime mid-last month, Sago and I went to a 7-Eleven branch somewhere in Metro Manila for the Big Bite Match hotdog eating contest which was a personal follow up to my previous burger eating challenge.

I dared, I conquered, and I suffered.

August 16 Update: My Contest Winners Declared

I Dared

The Hotdog eating contest has been going on for more than a month now and the eliminations is about to end this August 15. But early on in the race, I dared join the contest one stormy afternoon braving  strong winds. Ever since, I knew i was joining. This was the effect of my almost-successful attempt on a giant 1 pound burger a few weeks earlier at Burger Avenue.

I Conquered

Going through the local storm was just the courage I needed to devour 5 jumbo hotdogs, 5 buns, and a drink. It also served as my merienda worth P150. They first asked me to fill up a registration form-and-waiver-in-one; in case I get choked by the jumbo-ness of the hotdogs. :).There were two 7-Eleven staff. One was the timer, the other stood as a witness (necessary by the rules). Equipped with my cellphone camera, I called on manong guard to serve as my videographer as the experience takes place. He willingly complied, albeit initially hesitant.

And so it was, 1 jumbo hotdog after the other, buns dipped in the drink (to soften the buns), gulp, tic tac, next. (repeat 5 times). % jumbo hotdog later, my hands were already empty as I am signaling the crew to stop the timer (otherwise, I’ll do it myself). He wouldn’t! I have to finish everything in my mouth and open it wide to show him, I remembered.

Believe it or not, I finished them all.

It took me *toot* minutes and *toot* seconds to finish all of them.

(Video of the actual eating to be uploaded night of Aug 7)

I Suffered

At that instant, I felt the feeling of ‘fullness’. “I never felt this way with the hamburger”, referring to the earlier burger eating challenge. So therefore I conclude, it is harder to devour jumbo hotdogs than hamburger patties. I’m not trying it out again either, I knew I gave it all my jaw-munching powers and swallowing techniques. That was the best I could do.

The Contest

And now, the point of this post. 🙂 Guess my time by commenting with your best hunch down below. For multiple entries by a single person, only the first guess will be considered. In case no one gets the exact time and seconds,

the nearest, non-exceeding guess shall win P300 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates

while the nearest, exceeding guess shall win P300 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates

Guess My Time! - 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge!
Guess My Time! - 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge!

Guessing through the comments starts now until August 15. Winners shall be announced on the night of August 16 as an update to this post. Winner should be residing in Metro Manila where the gift certificates may be couriered.

* This contest is not connected with 7-Eleven or Jollibee in any way. It is solely initiated by

Join now the Guess My Time Contest: The 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge!

Winners: (August 16 Update)

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave their comments! No one was able to guess the exact time. However, we have two winners. One is the nearest non-exceeding guess and the other is the nearest exceeding guess.

The exact and official time I was able to finish the 7-Eleven’s 5 jumbo hotdogs and buns is 5 mins and 33 seconds!

The nearest, non-exceeding guess is from Connie Mejilla who missed the exact time by 1 second guessing 5 mins and 32 seconds. The comment was submitted 2009/08/11 at 1:36 PM

The nearest, exceeding guess is by Kelly de Guzman who guessed 5 mins and 38 seconds. The comment was submitted 2009/08/12 at 2:43 PM

Both Connie Mejilla and Kelly de Guzman will each receive P300 worth of Jolibee special gift certificates. They shall be contacted through the email addresses they submitted in the comment form. The GCs will be couriered to their Metro Manila addresses.

Congratulations to the winners of Guess My Time Contest: The 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge!

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  1. @All – thanks for joining early !
    @Rommel – I’ll consider your first answer and not the second as per rules 🙂
    @Erwin – I’ll consider your answer to be 2 mins 15 secs.

  2. hirap naman hulaan kelangan ba exact time…

    ahmmm 4 min and 7 seconds…

    belated happy birthday jonel and congrats sa influential blogs

    nice meeting you too…

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