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Seafood Platter : TGI Friday’s Lent Highlight (Part 2)

This is the concluding sequel for yesterday’s Lenten Meal Special post. The two other TGI Friday’s Lent inspired meals are the Seafood Platter and Low-Carb Salmon. The latter is obviously for those on weight watch while the

Lenten Meal Specials : TGI Friday’s (Part 1)

Today, Palm Sunday, specially marks the start of Christiandom’s last week of Lent – the Holy Week. For the next 7 days, and as part of the Roman Catholic tradition avoiding meat products specially red meat, dining

How Sago Went To Sagada

Today is Sago‘s first day in Sagada. We left Manila last night after an hour long of packing stuff. I wasn’t able to find time to buy a pair of gloves and a bonnet. They said its

Sago’s Philippine Summer Travel Survey

Hi guys! As promised 3 days ago, Sago is conducting this Summer Travel Survey in the Philippine setting for Philippine-based Filipino bloggers. Kindly spare some 5 minutes of your time to completely answer this survey and make

Let’s Go Mt.Pinatubo (Easter Day-Trip Edition)

An active volcano that became popularly known for its 1991 eruption, Mt. Pinatubo is located in the provincial borders of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga in Luzon, Philippines.

Surfing 101 : Sun, Sand, & Surf

It’s time to level-up your web surfing! Go surfing for real! But before doing just that, you should first have the head knowledge or know how. This is your first April “Be Cool This Summer” activity as

Be Cool This Summer!

It’s getting hotter by the day and Sago celebrates this first day of April to mark the start of the summer season! This means more travels and more dining adventures in different places around the Philippines. Please