Red Ribbon Coffee Walnut Bavarian Online Promo

Red Ribbons Coffee Walnut Bavarian
Red Ribbon's Coffee Walnut Bavarian
UPDATE (Jan 02, 2009):
Good News from Red Ribbon!
Due to the success of its Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday cake (which originally should be offered only until December 2008), they have extended it until January 2009!
In this regard, this online promo is extended until 11:59pm of January 11, 2009. Announcement of winners shall be on January 18. So hurry, comment now and join!


Year after year, Red Ribbon has constantly come up with delicious and delightful cakes concoctions which Filipinos have tremendously grown to love and enjoy.

And just as we thought we have already seen and tasted it all, Red Ribbon reveals yet another divinely delicious masterpiece, perfectly in time for this season of giving.

7 days before Christmas, be captivated and enamored by Red Ribbon’s first ever creation in its line of Premium Selections — the New Coffee Walnut Bavarian. No less than a symphony of extraordinary flavours, combining exquisitely smooth coffee and Kahlua cream in decadently moist chiffon, adorned with walnuts, cocoa powder and dark chocolate bars. No doubt, it makes for the perfect gift.

So make the extraordinary gesture of sharing this piece of heaven to those most dear to you. Visit any of the Red Ribbon Bakeshops or call 8-7777 (for Metro Manila) and take the pleasure of having them indulge in this season’s most delightful masterpiece of all.

And to make your holidays merrier, Red Ribbon is hosting an online contest for Let’s Go Sago readers for two weeks starting tomorrow – December 18, 2008 until the midnight of December 31, 2008.


Tell us in your most creative way what do you think makes Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavariana truly divine premium selection“, and win free Red Ribbon gift certificates worth Php300!

Simply write your answers in the comment box and indicate from which branch you got your Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake. The FIVE best answers will be given the prize!

Contest guidelines:

1. This contest is open to all Philippine residents or anyone with access to any Red Ribbon branch nationwide (see no.5 below for the reason).
2. One comment per person only. Only the first comment shall be considered for contestants with multiple comment entries. Unique contestants shall be identified through their IP address.
3. This contest shall start December 18 and end at 11:59 pm of December 31, 2008.
4. The 5 winners shall be chosen by Red Ribbon representatives and announced one week after the contest to give time for the new year vacation and ample time for the Red RIbbon judges to choose the winners wisely. Announcement of the winners will be 6pm January 07, 2009 in this blog. The judge/s’ decision is final.
5. The 5 winners shall be contacted through the email address they supplied in the comment form. Their addresses would be requested to be able to identify in which Red Ribbon branch nationwide they could get claim their Php300 worth of gift certificates.

For any inquiries with regards to the online contest, pls email admin<at>

27 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Coffee Walnut Bavarian Online Promo

  1. Unlike other coffee flavored cake, Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake has the right blend which is not too strong or too sweet. The ingredients harmoniously blend to provide satisfaction to a person with a sweet tooth like me =)

    Branch – Cash & Carry

  2. I’m a sweet tooth as much as a coffee lover as well.

    Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian new product line, looking at its picture make me drool over it. It’s so heavenly and truly divine having the experience of my first bite. Perfection at it’s best.

    Christmas is not complete without having this on your dining table.

    Red Ribbon Southmall

  3. Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian “a truly divine premium selection“ for me because of it has the “Perfect” combination of coffee, kahlua (liquor-which makes it extra yummy to adults), and the bitter sweetness of the dark chocolate with the taste of walnuts.

    Since I love cakes, I am a coffee addict, chocolate fanatic (my favorite is dark chocs) and occasionally drinks… this is really a hit for me, I love it! 😉

    by the way, I bought my Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake in Red Ribbon’s branch NCCC Mall of Davao.

  4. I go gaga over cakes. Moreso for premium cakes which taste divinely perfect!

    Who can resist the combination of coffee and walnuts? Red Ribbon’s Bavarian Coffee Cake with Walnuts is truly one of the extra delicious premium cake even concocted! For chocolate and coffee afficionados like myself, this cake is truly a treat from heaven!

    I bought mine at Trinoma and I’m glad I made the right pick!

  5. Coffee + walnuts + Kahlua cream is made of pure genius. The perfect mix of the ingredients make every bite of Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian truly memorable. Paired with a cup of coffee, this divine concoction is made even better. Best shared with friends and loved ones! 🙂 Definitely a perfect holiday treat this Christmas season!

    First tasted at Red Ribbon SM North EDSA 😀

  6. Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian is divine-ness in a cake. The ingredients are the perfect combination to eat a great Cake .

    Red ribbon SM Megamall

  7. I love cakes, I practically try to taste different kinds of cake,and then I stumble upon the coffee walnut bavarian cake of red ribbon I was amaze of how it taste, the combined ingredients of coffee, cream, walnuts, cocoa powder and dark chocolate bars was a good complement with each other. To top it all the smooth chiffon cake was the best. This is one hell of a treat, if your a cake fanatic like me, you must try the coffee walnut bavarian of red ribbon and I’m sure you’ll be back for more of this good stuff.

    I bought mine at Retiro Branch of Red Ribbon

  8. Simply one word can only explain the taste of the new red ribbon coffee bavarian cake and the word is “heavenly”. Never have I tasted such a unique cake with a good combination of ingredients. This cake was absolutely delicious, every penny spent is worth it. Its good as a gift for love ones and as a noche buena for your own family this christmas.

  9. Simply one word can only explain the taste of the new red ribbon coffee bavarian cake and the word is “heavenly”. Never have I tasted such a unique cake with a good combination of ingredients. This cake was absolutely delicious, every penny spent is worth it. Its good as a gift for love ones and as a noche buena for your own family this christmas.

    I first tasted it at SM San Lazaro branch of Red Ribbon

  10. Coffee Walnut Bavarian is sooooo “delicious”! The presentation is perfect (I even don’t want to slice it :), thin dark chocolate surrounding the cake with chunks of walnuts on top, hmmm… picture perfect 🙂 it look so yummy!
    Tasting the soft and moist chiffon with alternate layers of coffee mixed with Kahlua cream would definitely tell your taste buds to eat more and more 🙂 (really I had 2 slices if not for the wifey I would not care leaving some :).

    Definitely, a perfect gift this holiday season. And I am craving to have some more 😀


  11. I love cakes but haven’t tasted coffee cakes and I don’t drink coffee but when my sis told me to try the new delectable Red ribbon cake – the Coffee Walnut Bavarian, I hesitantly tried it..and whoooaa, so yummy!! The icing was so creamy but not so sweet and the thin bars of dark chocolate surrounding the cake was delightful. And luv the taste of kahlua. Never mind the price, it’s a perfect gift for our loved-ones.If it’s from Red ribbon, it must be good.

    Bought mine at Chimes, Davao.

  12. Coffee Walnut Bavarian by Red Ribbon “a truly divine premium selection“. Here are my 5 reasons:

    1. If its from Red Ribbon its truly heaven sent.
    2. No tricks, it’s perfectly “A TREAT” to all cake and coffee lovers
    3. It is done creatively.
    4. Mouth watering, very delicious. Every bite makes you crave for more.
    5. Season’s not complete without a Coffee Walnut Bavarian- it’s not Merry at all 😀

  13. A delightful medley of ambrosial coffee and luscious Kahlua cream–Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian is a truly divine premium selection, perfect not just for this season’s holiday feast but for all special occasions worth celebrating! This delectable cake tickles every desert connoisseur’s imagination, eliciting heavenly exclamations from those who take a bite and get a wonderful taste. What a glorious treat from Red Ribbon, which delivers yet again another spectacular addition to its mouth-watering array of goodies! Indeed, the New Coffeee Walnut Bavarian brings lots of cheers and hearty smiles–a certified cake masterpiece from Red Ribbon!

    Branch: San Fernando, La Union

  14. i love cakes…but coffee cakes??? i dont think so… but hey when i tasted Red Ribbon Coffee Walnut Bavarian woohhh it is soooooo different. it has a unique taste that makes me crave for more…its just soooo “yummy.” A must have on New Year. Thanks Red Ribbon for this Wonderful Cake.


  15. An Ode to the Coffee Walnut Bavarian
    by Rowena Wendy Lei

    The kick of coffee
    The punch of liquor

    That’s just about all I can take
    I can’t resist Red Ribbon’s lovely new cake

    It’s the perfect mix
    Of bitter and sweet

    I can get my fix
    With this delightful treat

    After a bite I’m certain you’ll be
    A Coffee Walnut Bavarian fan like me

    (Note: I first got to try it out at Red Ribbon in Libis, but got my succeeding servings at Red Ribbon Hemady Branch)

  16. Coffee and cake and walnut? Oooh yeah! The most divine of Red Ribbon yet. A mixture of love, passion and perfection. Nothing less than a Red Ribbon quality. Go ahead. Give yourself a treat like I did (and will go for more!)

  17. Coffee and cake and walnut? Oooh yeah! The most divine of Red Ribbon yet. A mixture of love, passion and perfection. Nothing less than a Red Ribbon quality. Go ahead. Give yourself a treat like I did (and will go for more!)

    (had mine at SM Megamall. By the way, I am the same person who wrote the entry above [December 29th, 2008 at 7:40 pm]. I forgot to include the Red Ribbon branch. I now have a different IP address because I wrote this using my work computer on a different connection.)

  18. I’m not really a dessert person and I’m not at all fond of cakes or pastries. My daughter bought a whole Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake for Media Noche… lo and behold, I’m a new man after one bite! I’ve never had a cake that’s so… right. There’s nothing quite like welcoming 2009 with a slice of Coffee Walnut Bavarian and a cup of piping hot Earl Grey tea, surrounded by my family.

    New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to try all of Red Ribbon’s new cakes at least once. Who knows what kind of life-changing experience I could be in for, right?

    We got our cake from Red Ribbon along Connecticutt St, San Juan City!

  19. I first got a taste of it in Red Ribbon Libis. All I can say is, it made me hunger for more. After that, I bought 3 of those to share to my cousins and friends for our annual gathering. I must say that all the cakes I liked won’t fail me. They all got addicted to it.

    It was I, who introduced Dulce De Leche, Uba roll and the S’mores to them. Let’s just say that this is the 4th cake that I got them addicted to. I know my cakes!


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