Philippine 2010 Holidays

Calendar ?

Calendar ?

The Philippine 2010 Holidays was recently announced by the government through Proclamation 1841 acknowledging the list of declared holidays.

Government officials said that the early release was intentionally made to enable businessmen manage the implication of holiday economics on production and businesses.

Identified Holidays are

Jan 01 – New Year’s Day
Feb 22 – People Power Revolution Anniv (Mon nearest Feb 25) **
Apr 01 – Maundy Thursday (Holy Week)
Apr 02 – Good Friday
Apr 03 – Special Non-Working Holiday for the Holy Week
Apr 09 – Araw ng Kagitingan
May 01 – Labor Day
May 03 – Regular Holiday
May 10 – National Elections Day
Jun 14 – Independence Day(Monday nearest June 12)
Jun 30 – Special Non-Working Holiday * (for Inauguration of New Philippine President Benigno Aguino III)
Jul  27 – Iglesia ni Cristo Founding anniversary  ***
Aug 23 21 – Ninoy Aquino Day *
Aug 30 – National Heroes Day (last Monday of August)
Oct  25 – Barangay Elections *
Nov 01 – All Saints Day (Monday) *
Nov 29 – Bonifacio Day (Monday nearest November 30)
Dec 24 – Special Non-Working Day *
Dec 25 – Christmas Day (Saturday)
Dec 27 – Rizal Day (Monday nearest December 30).
Dec 31 – Special Non-Working Day *

All are regular holidays; marked appropriately otherwise
* special non-working days
** a special holiday for all schools.
***special national “working holiday”

Holidays for Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha are yet to be declared

As of press time, allusions however were raised as to the plausibility of the current administration of Arroyo to actually declare a whole year’s worth of 2010 Philippine Holidays even if its term ends mid of next year. :)


  1. Wow! Ang aga ng Holy Week!

  2. Fritz says:

    Nakalimutan na i-declare and Election Day. Kahit kelan talaga, kulang kung. Bullshit.

  3. cedsaid says:

    Election Day is not a holiday.

  4. Mauie says:

    Walang Election Day? Hmmm… Parang walang balak mag-eleksyon!

  5. Kweng says:

    special holiday po ang election day.. lagi yun… mula noon pa.

  6. sendoh says:

    d nmna yan kc special and regular holidays

  7. jonafe says:

    how about during the election day? di ba dapat holiday yan? paano kami makapag-vote kung hindi yan holiday?

  8. Sago says:

    Hi All,

    Yes, May 10, 2010 is Philippine Election Day and it would be a special non-working holiday. There’s no regular work to enable people to vote.


  9. Mariz says:

    is the Feb 22 holiday confirmed?

  10. Sago says:

    @Mariz- Hi, thanks for asking. It was part of Proclamation 1841 so it’s official. (well, unless GMA changes her mind the last minute, which she has done before :) )

  11. arriane says:

    ano po ung news n holiday dw s jan.25?

  12. John says:

    Is it a holiday on Jan 25? pasabi nalang :D

  13. iceley11 says:

    may pasok po ba sa January 25? kasi po declared na in some parts, kaya lang di naman nag dedeclare ung skul namin (private)? Nasa news din po…

  14. vocarlist says:

    me pasok ba sa 25? wala na tsong.. declarado na… :) astig!!! ano ba school mo iceley11?

  15. Lhenzky says:

    No Election Day? Meaning to say, may work tayo nun? Hmmmmmmmmmmm………

  16. Sago says:

    Jan 25 was the late Cory Aquino’s birthday; but it’s not a holiday.

  17. Sago says:

    @Lhenzky – Election Day – May 10, 2010 – is special non-working holiday.

  18. Lhenzky says:

    Wish on the 25th of Feb no work para mas happy.Sana hindi ma-move,coz it’s my special day!Happy Beerday>>

  19. Edith Puzon? says:

    kelan po parañaque day?

  20. Sago says:

    @Edith – Feb 13, I think. :)

  21. Amy says:

    may work ba sa feb 22? schools lang ba ang holiday?

  22. nai balagtas says:

    yung feb 22? mga school lang po ba wlang pasok? how about mga private offices po? tnx.

  23. Mia Tampos says:

    just want to check if Feb. 22 is declared holiday for private sector…

  24. Sago says:

    @Nai & @Mia – yes, only schools are on holiday. Work is regular.

  25. jena says:

    ganon, ibig sabihin ang pebrero 22 holiday ay para sa mga nag-aaral lamang at hindi para sa mga nag-tatrabaho?

  26. Sago says:

    @jena – para naman sa lahat…maybe the economy just can’t easily allow every holiday to be non-working. :) peace jena! :) …but don’t loose hope, malay mo biglang magpa-pogi si Arroyo at biglang i-declare na full non-working holiday ito. :)

  27. Nhika says:

    February 13, 2010 is Paranaque day, but the official in paranaque municipal not sure if Malacañang will declare it as special non-working holiday on February 12 or 15, we want sana mas maaga malaman para sa scheduling ng staff namin..

  28. Nhika says:

    I agree, maybe our economy can’t afford another holiday this year kc masyado n tayong maraming holiday. Just pray baka nga biglang mgpabango ang malacanang now at ideclare na holiday ang Feb.22 who knows db..????

  29. jimmy neutron says:

    hi po ask ko lang po kelan nga kaya ma dedeclare ang p’que day huhuhu…

  30. eye says:

    hindi ba minove yung paranaque day? (baka kasi 12 or 15)

  31. Lina says:

    may pasok ba sa February 15, 2010 Monday sa Paranaque?

  32. Sago says:

    @Ajie – Thanks! So it’s clear now!

    “Malacañang has declared Feb. 15, Monday, a special non-working holiday in Parañaque ” – Feb 11,2010

  33. cha says:

    thanks for this very efficient information,
    regarding w/ feb 22, may bagong declaration na po ba?
    salamat ng marami..

  34. Nhika says:

    Yes, confirmed! On Malacañang declared under proclamation 1998 Monday, February 15, 2010 as special (non-working) holiday.

  35. Nhika says:

    I think wala pang declaration for Feb.22 According to DOLE it was holidy for all schools only.

  36. Louiza says:

    Paranaque lang wala pasok tomorrow??

  37. Sago says:

    @Nhika & @Louiza – Feb 15 non working holiday for Paranaque ONLY. :)

  38. Rovelyn Roxas says:

    may pasok ba ang empleyado ng school sa February 22, 2010. Empleyado kami ng school, paano yon?

  39. Rovelyn Roxas says:

    sino ba talaga nag walng pasok, student lang ba, eh paano kung sa school ng wowork

  40. Rovelyn Roxas says:

    Please reply on my inquiry re: holiday on February 22, 2010

  41. awuniha says:

    ang daya! dapat non-working holiday ang feb22! huhuhu T_T

  42. Sago says:

    @Rovelyn – surely, there are no classes for students. For the school employees and administrators, it is up to the decision of your respective schools. :)

  43. ehgay says:

    bakit nga ganon may pasok parin kmi d2 sa private school mga student lang ala pasok..ganon!

  44. Sago says:

    @ehgay – coz admin work at school is considered regular work :)

  45. students lng po b walang pasok sa feb22?

  46. Sago says:

    @domingo – yep. :) (school staff depending on school)

  47. wala lang says:

    hi! comment lang ako, bakit schools lang holiday sa Feb 22. students lang ba ang nag punta ng EDSA for people power revolution? to think the students who participated before were mostly the once working now a days…

  48. chen says:

    ayaw ni Arroyo mgholiday sa 22 or 25 ang mga workers ciempre pgkakataon n ninoy un pra mkpg papogi…

  49. Sago says:

    @Chen- you’ve got a point there, hahaha! :)

  50. Mark says:

    INC has a special non-working holiday!!! galing!!

    sumisipsip ata si GMA sa INC..hhhmmmmm

  51. ann says:

    fyi lang po. July 27 is a national “working holiday” for the founding anniversary of INC.last year pa po ung declaration na yan.

  52. Sago says:

    @Mark – yep, Ann is right; as indicated above: ” ***special national “working holiday” “

  53. zedrick says:

    Bakit my iglesia ni kristo holiday??…dapat me roman catholic, dating daan,Saksi ni hova yun iba pang religion di ba?..lintik tlaga c glorya oo

  54. Sago says:

    @zedrick – my initial sentiments too! but maybe there’s a reason din…:)

  55. Mariecris says:

    Iyong April 9 na holiday po ba or yung Bataan day na move po ba ng April 5?

  56. Sago says:

    @Mariecris – No, April 9 is still the holiday for Araw ng Kagitingan

  57. Nhika says:

    April 3, declared po ba as special holiday? at ung April 9, moved sa April 5?

  58. Nhika says:

    I confirmed that Malacañang declared April 3, 2010 as special non-working day to give us full and uninterrupted opportunity to ponder on the significance of Holy Week and to prpperly observe its traditions w/out prejudice to publict interest…

    There are some rumors that instead of APRIL 9, 2010 Araw ng Kagitingan…. it will be moved on APRIL 5, 2010? is it true, is there any proclamation regarding this date???

  59. Nylan Sy says:

    Naswap po ba ang Date ng ARAW NG KAGITINGAN from April 9 to April 5???

  60. Sago says:

    @Nhika & @Nylan – Apr 3 is special holiday but Apr 9 holiday is still outstanding.

  61. Sago says:

    Here’s Proclamation No. 1841 released last March 24, 2010 announcing April 3 as national special holiday and April 9 as Araw ng Kagitingan =>

  62. Sam Macaraeg says:

    wud like to ask if april 9, 2010 Araw ng Kagitingan has been moved to April 5, 2010

  63. Riza says:

    There is a latest broadcast daw in certain radio that Arroyo move the april 9 holiday to april 5, im checking it now with DOLE if its true, but no confirmation yet.

  64. Sago says:

    @Riza – thanks for the info. We’ll just wait then for any latest update or new announcement from the President’s office if they are indeed officially moving the April 9 holiday to April 5.

    Guys, better wait for the news on TV or radio as I would be offline during the holidays and may not be able to immediately answer your questions here. :)

    Enjoy the long weekend! Have a holy week. Check my Holy Week Visita Iglesia post from Cebu => :)

  65. riza says:

    alright, till tomorrow guys, as per DOLE region 3 (“,)for the confirmation…thanks

  66. ces says:

    hi!!ask ko lng po if n moved ung holiday ng april 5 para s holiday ng april 9 for araw ng kgitingn tnx ppoh!!!

  67. riza says:

    guys, di po na-move to april 5 ang april holiday as per DOLE 3 unless till sunday biglang susulpot si arroyo and declare it (“,)…though ang april ginawa na din namang special holiday….thanksss…good morning Sago! miss u

  68. riza says:

    i mean ang april 3 ginawa naman na din pong special holiday

  69. Sago says:

    @Riza – thanks for the info. So there you go kiddos, April 9 holiday seem to stick :)

  70. Ruby says:

    Dapat ang Sunday, April 4 ay holiday. I think mas importante sa mga Christians yung nabuhay ulit si Christ. Yun ang pinaka basis ng Christianity di ba, that Christ is still living today? Otherwise, walang sense na sumamba sa Diyos na patay. Thinking aloud lang.

  71. Lena says:

    @Ruby.. those are just practices.. Christ was nailed on the cross only once, theres no sense on what you believe na patay this week si Christ.. my gosh.. mga old nkasanayang paniniwala.. pls read your Bible.. sorry.. kpag nkakarinig ako ng ganito i cant help but say something.. no offense.. read your Bible and you will know the truth.. cheers!

  72. Lena says:

    pipol.. paulit ulit na tanong paulit ulit na tanong.. nasagot na tanong padin nasagot na tanong padin.. goodness! dont play dumb!

  73. ricky says:

    Yeah, Lena is right…
    Holiday nga ba April 9???

  74. cora says:

    totoo po b na april 5, 2010 ang walang pasok instead of April 9,2010 na araw ng kagitingan?

  75. Ouja says:

    @ricky: LOL! makinig naman kau kay Lena, nasagot na ang ating mga katanungan,

    pero totoo nga ba yun?

  76. katrina says:

    ask ko lang kase may mga nag text sa akin na holiday na daw sa monday (april 5) totoo ba? or meron bang site na pwede ko malaman kung may declaration na. thanks a lot

  77. dyesie says:

    n move b tlga april 5 ung holiday for april 9?

  78. alecx says:

    Is APril 5 a Holiday??? Thanks!!!!

  79. alecx says:

    Ah…ok thankz…Lena…sorry 4 repeating the question….

  80. mickee says:

    lol! nice one ricky.
    but really, lena is right. sana naman yung mga tao nagbabasa din muna bago magpost nang magpost ng mga tanong. though i understand na siguro minsan di pa narerefresh o na-update yung site o page kaya marahil di nila nalalaman na may nauna nang nagtanong ng parehong tanong. pero, maganda nyan talaga, magbasa muna. tanong nang tanong nang paulit ulit eh.

  81. apol says:

    holiday daw tmrw? April 5, 2010 totoo ba ito???
    instead of april 9 holiday nilipat daw sa april 5????

  82. Tintin says:

    I can’t believe why would people keep on repeating the same questions when answers are already patiently given a thousand times. kulit.

  83. napadaanLANG says:

    ung paulit-ulit malamang ng-uupdate lang, minsan kasi last minute na kung mag-announce ng holiday dito. wag naman kayo mainis sa kanila. in fact dapat papasok ako bukas but then my officemate called me up and told me wala daw pasok bukas (april 5) napanood “DAW” niya sa tv, but i want to be sure of it kaya pati ako magtatanong din..namoved nga ba ang holiday sa april 5? so far kasi wala ako makita official declaration, di ko rin napanood sa tv (wala ako tv lol)..

  84. napadaanLANG says:

    @RUBY tama ka walang Diyos na namatay, therefore Jesus is not GOd kasi namatay siya, peru ang pagkamatay once lang, di paulit-ulit. and to all, please wake up, GOD is ONLY ONE, THE ONE WHO CREATED US ALL. NEVER BRAG THAT YOUR RELIGION IS THE WAY TO YOUR SALVATION! RELIGIONS ARE JUST MADE BY MEN! YOU WILL BE JUDGED NOT BY YOUR RELIGION BUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. Read the Bible

  85. Sago says:

    Today, April 5, is not a holiday in the Philippines. Feriod :)

  86. ashley says:

    ano po ba talaga latest update… na move po ba talaga ang holiday ng april 5, 2010… or na retain na ang april 9, 2010
    ay holiday…

  87. mitch says:


    what about May 1..follow pa rin ba na move to the nearest monday? if so,may 3 na po ang holiday? tama ba? may nagsabi kasi na ayaw ipa-move ng mga labor groups???

    thanks :D

  88. mitch says:


    what about May 1..follow pa rin ba na it should be moved to the nearest monday? if so,may 3 na po ang holiday? tama ba? may nagsabi kasi na ayaw ipa-move ng mga labor groups???

    thanks :D

  89. jack says:

    ayos talag yang si gloria, di man lang nagisip oh n n ung ibang compan may pasok ng saturday,samantalang pang alanganin araw ung holiday nililipat nya,mas pinapaboran talaga mga goverment sector, di man lang naisip n may private sector din

  90. jack says:

    pano ung kagay ng may pasok ng saturday , ipit n araw ung friday , ppasok p sila , dapat move ng monday

  91. Joie says:

    It was mentioned na holiday po tomorrow April 9 (Fri) and that is final. Thank you po for the information. Pero is the sandwiched April 10 (Sat) also declared as a Holiday. May difference po kasi ito sa sweldo ng mga may pasok sa araw na ito. Plus some schools are starting summer classes this Saturday. Hope someone could reply po as soon as possible. Thank you!

  92. Sago says:

    @Joei – I personally believe April 10 will not be declared as a holiday. We are just past the first quarter andd we already had a number of holidays. I think businesses would bewail another impromptu special holiday. :)

  93. Joie says:

    @Sago – Thanks po!
    Honestly, I’m not wishing for another holiday myself…Hirap magHABOL sa mga deadlines.
    Anyway, naguluhan lang kasi ako sa Grad. School namin. I just called them this AM to ask about the time of our class on Saturday (April 10), tapos the Secretary just blurted out… “Ano ka ba, walang class noh, Holiday siya… April 9, 10 & 11 are all declared by GMA… Nung Feb 2010 pa declared… Di ka ba nagbabasa ng dyaryo?”
    Kaya I opted to confirm. Akala ko kasi ganoon na ako kaSPACED out sa mga nangyayari because of work.

  94. ask ko lang … nag fall ng Saturday ang labor Day ( May 1, 2010 )… me declaration po ba na – move ang holiday ng April 30 ( Friday ) or May 3 ( Monday )….. nangyayari po kc to nun nakakaraan pag nag declare si gma… this time, may declaration po ba si gma? asking for another long weekend..he he he! bitin pa un nakaraang 2 long weekends

  95. Sago says:

    @marlyn – unlikely. Those with Saturday jobs would benefit from this Saturday holiday. :)

  96. matt says:

    so it mean na d gagawing friday (April 30) o Monday (May 3) ung holiday?
    Ang gulo ni madam kung kelan lang trip nya magdeclare un ggwin nya…

  97. her says:

    holiday ba sa may3 to replace may 1? like june 14, holiday po di ba?

  98. helen says:

    ask q lang poh if may pasok b sa april 30 o may 3.,kc saturday ung labor day,,..supposedly wlang psok un, eh gang friday lng pasok nmen eh,hehe..pero f ever maluluge ung iba n my pasok gang sat, unless miswap nla ung friday at sat n pasok nla..pls reply immediately..tnx!!!

  99. Sago says:

    @Matt, Her, Helen – there are no holiday declarations for Apr 30 or May 1, 2010.

  100. ashir says:

    Good morning! Ask ko lng po kng walang pasok sa may 3, 2010, monday? thanks!

  101. beth says:

    may pasok po ba ang may 3

  102. cup says:

    sayangggggggg… sana walang pasok sa apr 30 o may 1…

    kaya po ginagawang friday imbes na sabado eh para lahat mag benefit hindi lang yung may pasok ng saturday, okay? =P damot mo naman hahahaha gusto mo kaw lang walang pasok ng isang working day =D

  103. cup says:

    sayangggggggg… sana walang pasok sa apr 30 o may 3…

    kaya po ginagawang friday imbes na sabado eh para lahat mag benefit hindi lang yung may pasok ng saturday, okay? =P damot mo naman hahahaha gusto mo kaw lang walang pasok ng isang working day =D

  104. rein says:

    hindi po b namove ang may 1, holiday?
    sayang din kc ang isang uwian….

    sana mmove sya bket may 1 lng ang hindi move ang holiday…

  105. rein says:

    hindi po b namove ang may 1, holiday?
    sayang din kc ang isang uwian…

    sana mmove sya bket may 1 lng ang hindi move ang holiday…

    we nid some break and have a gurls bonding…

  106. Cynthia U. Talens says:

    May 1 was declared holiday thorugh Proclamation 1841. Is there any last minute change?.

  107. Cynthia U. Talens says:

    sorry for the typo error..through Proclamation 1841.

  108. Bullet says:

    Sana nga maMove tlga yung May 1 Labor day to either Friday or Monday., pero ang alam ko move sya on May 3 in reference to this link. yun nga lng,. di nmn sya formally declared by the president. =)

  109. mhavz says:

    hello there, just wanna ask…if May 3 declared as holiday na..?

  110. Frankie says:

    may 3 confirmed holiday Republic act 9492 Proclamation 1841

  111. rhanz08 says:

    na move at na declared na po ba ung may 1,2010 labor day to may 3,2010? thnx for the info

  112. Frankie says:

    Previously Declared malacanang thru ace Durano DOT may 3 as declared holiday.
    but we dont know if this proclamation 1841 R.A 9492 had been change…
    as of now we are still waiting for confirmation from malacanang

  113. nelo says:

    some1 heard it over DZMM that its a holiday on may 3. Still waiting for the confirmation.

  114. bert says:

    Yes, May 3 was recently declared as a non-working holiday :D

  115. Dagon says:

    I’ve heard there was a last minute adjustment by Malacanang to declare May 3 a holiday…

  116. bujoy says:

    ang tatamad nyu puro holiday ang nasa isip nyu… magbago na kayo…

  117. amski says:

    hay naku..ang gulo gulo nman…di mo maintindihan kund declare na ba ang may 1 as holiday at namove sa may 3…for the benefits ng mga government employee… tsk tsk tsk …panu nman mga private sector???? ajmc

  118. ghia says:

    Yes po… It was already declared that May 3, 2010 was a non-working holiday. It was declared today po.

  119. Government says:


  120. jhun says:

    declare ba na holiday ang april 30? kc po may 1 is saturday. never naman po nagdedeclare ng holiday ang palace ng saturday kc hanggang friday lang work ng government. unfair s private sector.

  121. ailema says:

    hay naku..ang gulo gulo nman…di mo maintindihan kung declare na ba ang may 1 as holiday at namove sa may 3…for the benefits ng mga government employee… tsk tsk tsk …panu nman mga private sector???? ajmc

  122. ailema says:

    eh panu nman ung mga taong ay pasok ang may 1 ma doble pay sya…naunsyami pa…tsk tsk tsk ..ala na nga wage increase….move pa ng move ng holiday…..

  123. poy1521 says:

    declared May 03, 2010 a Non Working Holiday!! Hoohooo!

  124. Huggs says:

    See Proclamation No. 2043

    Declaring Monday, May 3, 20101 as Regular Holiday Throughout The Country.

    It states that RA 9849 provides that Labor Day shall be observed on a nearest Monday to May 1, which happens to be May 3, 2010.

    It is not a special non-working holiday but a REGULAR HOLIDAY. Kung papasukin kayo, your company should pay 200% of your regular salary rate (per day).

    Case close.

  125. Sago says:

    Hi guys!

    Just got back from Tagaytay last night (…..ytay-trip/ )

    Finally, the official statements and announcements has been released yesterday afternoon!

    MAY 3 is officially a regular holiday. (edited)……..y-on-May-3

    Good news for the Monday workers but bad for the Saturday employees. :(

  126. Ell says:

    Hi, medyo off topic po to, ibig sabihin ang US Embassy is close on may 3, 2010. ?

    bad news to for me. waaa

  127. UNDERPAID says:

    May right ba ang private company na mag move ng holiday kahit decleared na ito ng goverment? kasi yung may 3 na labor day holiday..ginawa daw may 4 ng office namin..para daw maka pag sportfest event. most of the employee do not agree..pero management ang ng decide..Pwede ba ito i complain sa goverment agency? kasi dapat we pay 200% kpag pumasok kami ng may 3.. Any advice..

  128. Sago says:

    @Eli -yes

    @Underpaid – the company might have a way out to move the govy holiday especially if the work is in the ‘critical’-task industry. However, I believe you should still be paid 200% on Monday which is still a regular holiday.

  129. Andrei says:

    Pwede bang mgtravel abroad on election day period ( May 10, 2010) ?

  130. Sago says:

    @Andrei – yes.

  131. Zid says:

    Holiday po ba ang may 10 election?

  132. Sago says:

    @Zid – special holiday po and Election Day.

  133. lyn says:

    just wanna ask.,i heard kc n hnggang may 11 dw ung walang it true?

  134. Sago says:

    @Lyn – wow, that’s new. I haven’t heard about it.
    I will be out of town over the weekend though. I’m off to Camarines Norte and will be back Monday morn for the Elections. :)

  135. Ruby says:

    is it true?wala b talagang pasok s may 11 para mkauwi ang mga galing province??

  136. Tom D' Biker says:


    Just checked and confirmed if Independence Day is moved to June 14.

  137. Sago says:

    @Tom – yeah, word has it that this is possible given what PGMA did with moving May 1 holiday to May 3.

    Would you be in the know? sources? links? :)

  138. Nhika says:

    Yes, i t was declared pa last december 2009 under proclamation 1841. Better check the website for the List of Holiday for the year.

  139. Nhika says:

    June 14 was declared as holiday (monday nearest to June 12).

  140. helen salazar says:

    may 10 declared as non-working holiday,does this mean with pay for regular employees (private sector)

  141. ken says:

    June 14, 2010 is holiday ?

  142. ken says:


  143. Sago says:

    @Ken – yes, as indicated in the Philippine holidays blog post above. :)

  144. Jhelyka says:

    why is it declare in June 14 2010 will be Independence day

  145. Sago says:

    @Jhelkya – the Philippine government sometimes does that for ‘holiday economics’ reason. June 12 is still the official Philippine Independence Day.

  146. Laiza Ramirez says:

    Sana yung death ni Cory gawin ding Holiday>>>

  147. Nhika says:

    FYI: June 30, 2010, Wednesday was declared by the Office of The President last June 18, 2010 as Special Non-working Holiday to celebrate the INAUGURATION of the newly President elect President Noynoy Aguino. For us to witness this day whether we join to the Quirino Grandstand, we watch on our television or just listen to the radio.

  148. skydreamer says:

    what’s the rate if its non working holiday?is it no work no pay?

  149. skydreamer says:

    For me I voted for GIBO, but since Noynoy won ofcourse I respect that, we have newly elected President now so lets be united..

  150. Sago says:

    @Nhika – yes, you’re right, just as indicated in the post.

    @skydreamer – I’m not that sure. try to consult with the HR dept. of your company.


  151. krisles says:

    hi sago,

    i would like a complete list of holidays in the philippines. it would be great if you have the fiestas in all provinces so we can schedule our visits.
    i know you will be able to reply immediately and i truly appreciate it.

  152. trixckzy says:

    hi sago,

    i would like to ask if July 27, 2010 is a special non-working holiday? thanks


  153. Sago says:

    @Krisles – I’ll have to research on it first and perhaps come up w/ the list end of July. :)

    @trixckzy – July 27 is a Special National “Working holiday”.

  154. endz says:

    Hi Sago,

    I would like to ask if july 26, 2010 (SONA of President Aquino) is a holiday or not??..


  155. Sago says:

    @Endz – SONA are not declared as holidays.

  156. troosy says:

    may psok po ba sa monday??????sona ni noynoy

  157. Sago says:

    @troosy – yes, may pasok.

  158. joy says:

    may pasok s 26? bat kya kumalat n walang psok? ako rin nkblita non kya ngsearch ako ngaun.. usually nmn tlg my psok pg sona.. nagtaka nga ko bat wla daw..

  159. Sago says:

    @joy – maybe there’s just a clamour not have classes/work on July 26 (SONA). People generally wants a long weekend / holiday / vacation. :)

  160. Kingshie says:

    Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda declared July 26 is not a holiday.

    See this link.

  161. Ohla says:

    confirmed po ba ung July 27 as holiday, INC FOUNDING ANNIV?

  162. Sago says:

    @ Kingshie – thanks
    @Ohla – yes confirmed 27 is Iglesia ni Cristo Founding anniversary but is a Special National WORKING holiday

  163. Ohla says:

    thanks! so working day pa rin…

  164. Jong says:

    OUCH!!! bakit SONA may pasok!!! P-Noy talaga!!!

  165. Sago says:

    @Ohla & Jong – yes working day just like any other, you don’t get any “holiday” benefits either.

  166. chris says:

    there will be classes tomorrow july 26,2010. though some parts of q.c ay wala. its up to the school to decide if there will classes especially near batasan.

  167. visitorjosel says:

    may pasok ba college students sa MM on tuesday july 27?

  168. Sago says:

    @visitorjosel – there’s work and classes at all levels on Tuesday July 27, 2010.

  169. jhem says:

    may pasok ba college students sa July 27, 2010? Founding Anniversary of INC

  170. prince alarin says:

    para sa akin dapat ibalik nalang si gloria dahil may holiday hindi bali corrupt bastat mayroong holiday!

  171. Sago says:

    @prince – LOL

  172. Sago says:

    For July 26, 2010:

    There are no classes in the ff Elementary public schools due to its proximity to the SONA venue:

    • Bagong Silang Elementary School
    • Batasan Elementary School
    • Commonwealth Elementary School
    • Dona Juana Elementary School
    • Holy Spirit Elementary School
    • Holy Spirit Annex
    • Lagro Elementary School
    • Lupang Pangako Elementary School
    • Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School
    • North Fairview Elementary High School
    • Payatas Elementary School A
    • Payatas Elementary School B
    • Payatas Elementary School C, and
    • San Diego Elementary School

    same with these Public High schools:

    • Batasan High School
    • Bagong Silangan High School
    • Cecilia Muñoz-Palma High School
    • Commonwealth High School
    • Judge Feliciano Belmonte High School
    • Lagro High School, and
    • North Fairview High School


  173. starry says:

    so may pasok talaga students sa July 27?

  174. anime says:

    dapat wlang psok s 27, respeto nmn s mga INC!!!

  175. jonah says:

    May pasok po ba bukas???

    Pls. answer naman po….


  176. manie dacapcap says:

    d ba non working n ung 27?

  177. raf says:


    wala pang confirmation, pero sabi daw WORKING holiday daw yun.. anung klase yun? wala man lang benefit sa mga INC members… ANg daming INC na may trabaho at estudyante, isipin nmn ni Pnoy yun, mababawasan agad sya nyan ng pagkadami daming supporters pag hindi naging non-working holiday ang 27

  178. Sago says:


  179. nonette says:

    Are the national holidays moved by Former President still recognized? Like aug 23(aug 21 Ninoy aquino day) holiday, is it still standing?

  180. Sago says:

    @nonette – we don’t know that yet if the new administration will retain the status quo.

    Pls come back for future updates, if any.

  181. troosy says:

    may pasok ba sa august 23 at 30,2010 o wala ?

  182. Sago says:

    @troosy Aug 23 & 30 are indicated as holidays above. NO CLASSES.

    You may also check this link for the explanation:

  183. bojeje says:

    i just heard kanina, that the aug 23 holiday was moved to the original date of ninoy’s death anniv which is aug 21, so that’s the declared holiday already. tama ba tong narinig ko? ano na mangyayari sa aug 30 holiday? wahhh!! that is SO sad!! :(

  184. Sago says:

    @bojeje – what do you mean “heard”?…as in just “rumors” or you heard it from the news on radio/TV? any links? -TIA

  185. Sago says:

    we got news that the Aquino administration is still studying as of press time whether to push through with the August 23 holiday since it was the proclamation of the previous Arroyo administration.

    update to be posted as soon as available.

  186. james says:

    Declared ba na ang Aug. 30 ay Holiday?

  187. whew says:

    anu ba?!!!@@@@###$$$^^^!!!!! talaga?! HOLIDAY BA YUNG AUGUST 23 OR 21???????? PLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  188. TsuNgik says:

    Aug 23 is a regular working day and Aug 21 is a non-working holiday.

    Definitely Aug 30 will be a holiday.

  189. JP says:

    Binago na po ang August 23 holiday. binalik na sa August 21.


  190. Sago says:

    Thanks TsuNgik and JP – yes,

    August 23 is now a regular WORKING day


    August 21 is the regular HOLIDAY

    as per latest news =>

    I have updated the above list to reflect such.

  191. Lyn says:

    bakit ganun?.declared n binabago pa..lalo tuloy nalilito ung mga tao..What about Aug. 30?..As is na ba un?..kc ung iba may mga scheduled activities n s day na un tpos bka last min. bgla nnmn bbaguhin..need response po..Thank tou

  192. Sago says:

    @Lyn – technically, the president has powers to do so. He can move the holidays just like what GMA did.

    But as I mentioned in my article , I suggested that they should have maintained it instead.

    Anyhow that is done.

    For the August 30 Holiday, it will not be moved. because in the first place, that is the actual holiday itself.

  193. Lyn says:

    thanks 4 the sa mga nbasa q my mga ngssabi n dpat kng mg-move ng holiday 6 months before the date of holiday..nd sbi sa news last night sbi dw ng malacañang dpa sure ung holiday sa aug.30 kya wg dw muna mgplano..panu nmn ung nka-book n activities nmn ngaung dpa sure kng my holiday o wala..nkkainis n tlga..

  194. Sago says:

    @Lyn – Exactly! That is why I was prompted to lecture PNoy and air my disappointment.

    I hope they don’t commit the same mistake for Aug 30. Twice is too much!

  195. les says:

    When is Eid’l Fitr? Thanks!

  196. Sago says:

    @Les – Holidays for Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha are yet to be declared

  197. Lyn says:

    hi sago.,declared npo kgbi Aug.30 is a regular holiday..i’m so releived by that news..I’m glad they reviewed nd did’nt commit mstakes the 2nd time..

  198. binoe says:

    sir, di po ba National Heroes Day ay August 30, 2010, pero ginawang last Monday of August. Ano po ba talaga kuya? ang Last monaday po kasi ay 31 hindi po ba?

  199. binoe says:

    mali, ibang kalendaryo pala nakita ko!!!! sori…. hahaha

  200. crizhe says:

    hai sago..db august 29 ung national heroes day n nsa calendar dba dpat un ang sundin?for the clarificati0n lng p0h wla p0h ba tlagang pas0k sa august 30?..resp0nce me pls…tnx

  201. HellBOY says:

    aug 21 is holiday and also 30… yahooo.

  202. Sago says:

    @crizhe – aug 29 is a Sunday. Yes August 30 is a holiday.

  203. shoshono says:

    How about november 2? hndi holiday?

  204. Sago says:

    @shoshono – November 2 is not a holiday.

  205. AKO!!! says:

    meron bang klasi ngayon? august 23?

  206. ritz says:

    kakainis kung pabago bago holidays.maganda nga ung ginawa na na move ng nearest monday ang holiday pag weekend least un wlang pasok.pabor un sa mga nagtatrabaho sa private companies.jan ako natuwa kay dating PGMA.haha

  207. trickyz says:

    hi sago! September 10, 2010 is it holiday? thanks

  208. cecil says:

    hi sago, tanong ko lang po about s mga holidays and special holidays may bayad po b yan s sahod ng bawat empleyado? what if di po sila pumasok pag araw ng holiday, may marereceive p rin po b silang sweldo??? please reply asap… thanks

  209. Sago says:

    @cecil – non-working holidays are paid double if you are required to come in as an employee.

    For jobs paid every 15 days, you should still be paid even on a holiday even if you were not required to come in.

    Working holidays are just like any regular working days.

  210. HellBOY says:

    kelan na kaya uli may holiday dis sept and october? hehehe

  211. Prissssco says:

    ask ko lang kung Holiday ba sa Oct 7 or 8. During the 100th days of our President? tnx

  212. Sago says:

    @hellboy – Oct 25 is Barangay Elections and it’s a philippine holiday!

    @Prisssco – No, Oct 7 and Oct 8 are not holidays.

  213. Rhodora Galela says:

    Ask ko lang kung yung November 2, 2010 ay gawing special non-working holiday

  214. Sago says:

    @Rhodora – there are no announcements yet. :)

  215. sithruz says:

    sa tingin niyo ba yung dec. 27 holiday eh ibabalik sa dec. 30? pati yung sa nov. 30 na holiday? thanks

  216. Sago says:

    @sithruz – there are no announcements yet with regards to the November 29 holiday or the November 30 holidays yet but the gov’t may retain the holiday on November 30.

    Yes, even the December 27 holiday might be moved back to the original December 30 holiday.

  217. still says:

    ask lang po if the company is not a manufacturing co. but importer tama ba na mag wok kami from Monday to Wednesday 8-7 pm, Thursday and Friday 8-6pm? Break namin 1 hr lunch break and 30 mins sa coffee break sa hapon? thanks.

  218. Riz says:

    yung Nov. 29 ba na holiday hindi na babaguhin, kasi yung aug. 23 binago eh ginawang 21 talaga.

  219. Sago says:

    @still – that is an HR question. It would be better if you address that concern to HR personnel fro better understanding. :)

    @Riz – no word yet from the gov’t about the Nov 29 Nov 30 holiday change. But it is possible since the new administration did change the Aug23 holiday previously set by GMA.

  220. Lou says:

    Is a Special Non-Working Holiday should be pay 200% on a Monthly basis if we are required to report. As far as I know on Special Non Working is +30% only. Please advise. Thanks.

  221. Angeline says:

    Hope Nov. 2 be declared a special non working holiday to give opportunity to those who would want to visit their departed loved ones in far provinces. We humans regardless of nationality treasures their departed loved ones so much.. It’s just once in a year chance for everyone!!!

  222. Sago says:

    @Lou – please consult your HR officer.

    @Angeline – hopefully, but with one week to go, less likely for the current admin to declare November 2 as holiday.

  223. Janz says:

    Sana holiday sa Nov. 2

  224. Sago says:

    @Janz – II got unverified news that November 2 will NOT be a holiday. :(

  225. mhira says:

    Please declare nov 2 as a holiday..consider nman yung malalayo yung province..once’s in a year lang nman sya i celebrate, so why not give a chance for those na uuwi sa malayong province.

  226. roslyn says:

    I hope that nov. 2 is a holiday, pls considered the traffic at malalayong province… mr. president i hope u read ds letter… tnx and GOD Bless to All…

  227. jojo says:

    Proclamation 1841 (issued on July 21, 2009) declared December 24, 2010 as a special non-working day. However, Republic Act 9849 (issued on December 11, 2010) did not include December 24, 2010 as a special non-working day. Which one will prevail?

  228. jojo says:

    Erratum on my last comment – RA 9849 was issued on December 11, 2009 and not December 11, 2010.

  229. proPINOY says:

    Under RA No. 9492 provides that holidays, except those which are religious in nature, are moved to the nearest Monday unless otherwise modified by law, order or proclamation.

    That means, December 26, 2011 should be a Holiday since December 25, 2011 falls on a Sunday! It says on the aforementioned Republic Act that when a holiday that falls on a weekend should be moved to the nearest Monday…

    This administration does not know or even try to know what the Proclamation means!!!

    In the event the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday of that week. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday that follows!

    December 25, 2011 falls on Sunday so December 26, 2011 should be a holiday!

    Do they read or know what the Proclamation really mean or they just sit on there throne without knowing anything they do???


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